How To Make A Ouija Board Planchette

Ouija board planchette is a plat panel with numbers, letters, and other related symbols printed on it. These symbols are used to hold a séance. This is an active device where we place our fingers and watch it as it moves around on the board, with many messages from spirits. Ouija board planchette is not a new concept. It has been around since the early nineteenth century. The concept of it came from the French words “oui” and “ja”, which means yes and yes respectively. The device was used to find out about the future or communicate with spirits who have passed away.

The user will place their index fingers on top of the planchette, usually on one side of it then move it all over the spirit board until it lands on a symbol that pertains to your question or statement you made before starting this session. Apart from purchasing an Ouija board planchette from the market, we can also make our own at home. Luckily, I have reviewed the helpful comprehensive guide to understand how to make an Ouija board planchette independently. However, I will tell you how to make a planchette at home such that it is highly functional and longer-lasting.

The requirements:

(a) Pencil

(b) Wooden surface

(c) Acrylic paint

(d) Paint pen

(e) Numeral and Alphabet stencil

(f) Paintbrush

(g) Planchette

What is an Ouija board planchette?
The Ouija board planchette is a small device with a pointer and heart-shaped piece of wood set on tip-toes at its base. It’s used by participants in the divination process of the Ouija board’s alphabet to identify which letter or word they should spell out.

Step 1: Draw Guidelines:

Consider drawing some guidelines where you will place numbers and letters on the ouija board before you start. In this case, utilize a pencil so as it will be easy to erase if you make a mistake. However, for some individuals with straight-edge handy, use it to make sure you draw perfectly straight lines.

Further, you can also use the edge of the stencil is required. Draw a vertical line that connects the center points on the bottom and top sides of your specific wood. Later draw the horizontal line that connects the center points of both sides. Remember, the exact center of the workspace will be straightforward where those specific two lines intersect.

Too, as you will be stenciling your numbers and letters, these are the best guidelines that will aid you in determining the right spacing. Still, when you’re curving numbers or letters, you will effectively draw curved line strategies.

Step 2: Stencil the numbers and letters:

First, select your favorite color. Besides, utilizing red paint can make your Ouija board appear spookier. In this case, use a paintbrush to stencil on the letters. Moving the stencil after application will be needed in this step. Therefore avoid applying the paint much heavily, or preferably, your stencil will stick.

Between every number and letter, consider blowing on the paint to dry well before moving to the next. Essentially, if you are confident enough, you can skip the stencil and move next to drawing numbers and letters by hand. The stenciling is the most straightforward choice for the less artistic folks. Further, stickers might create a discrepancy in your board texture- besides, you want your board planchette to relatively flat for spirits to smoothly guide the planchette.

Step 3: Write” No,” “Goodbye,” “Yes,” and “Hello”:

Finish the DIY Ouija board off by adding the best words for the corners of your board. The traditional Ouija boards say” no, yes” goodbye as well as hello.” However, the simplest way to do this is by utilizing a paint pen. In this way, you will place your words effectively and have the right control over how they will turn out.

Step 4: Call the spirits:

First, let your paint dry for some hours or preferably overnight before utilizing your planchette above its surface. Besides, we use the wooden letter “O.” Your planchette should have a viewing hole to allow you to see what number, word, or letter the spirits wish to communicate on for the best planchette.

In essence, you can use a clear glass such as a shot DYI wood piece or shot glass if you are handy. Invite your friends for your spooky night of connecting with the spirit world. According to the experts Darker, earth tones are best for calling forth the spirits. Remember to place your fingers right on the planchette, inquire about any question, and allow the spirits to do the rest.

Ouija board planchette, the often seen and much loved tool of ouija boards, is a common object used by many people for communicating with the dead. It is one of those objects that has been around for such a long time that its original purpose may have been forgotten by some. But it is without question an enjoyable and helpful parlor game to play with friends from all different walks of life.


Ready to attach with your passed loved ones? This is the right tool. The above is a detailed guide to help you make an effective and dependable Ouija board planchette right from your home. Good Luck

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