What is a ghost? Ghosts are usually defined as the spirit of a deceased person. They are often blamed for unexplained phenomena, such as unexplained noises, shadows, and feelings of being watched. Ghosts have been described in many different ways: some people say they only see or hear them when it is dark outside; others may not see or hear them at all. Some ghosts are said to haunt specific locations (such as school janitors) while others seem to wander anywhere, they please. I believe that ghosts exist but I don’t believe they are always dangerous to humans. Some may be just wandering around their favorite places and some might be playing pranks on people trying to scare us before moving on themselves.

Ghosts can also have bad intentions and do not really like living people. They may get their revenge on living people by haunting them or by hurting them. A lot of ghosts are just confused and need help moving on to whatever afterlife there is. I think that if a ghost wants revenge or just doesn’t like you, they can make you sick or give you nightmares.

Mysterious noises can be attributed to spirits if they are loud enough and last long enough for the person hearing them to realize they are not natural sounds (like wind, rain, etc.). The noises will typically increase in volume and change in tone as time goes on. Over time the spirit may communicate by playing music they enjoyed while alive, or the sound of a loved one crying out for help, trying to communicate with you through the noises.


The rattling, creaking, disembodied footsteps are typical sounds made by spirits that are attempting to make contact. Spirits will also interact with objects around a person, such as turning on and off lights they can see from where they are (when in another plane of existence). They can discern what is going on around them even though their eyes cannot see. The spirit may also walk through walls or rooms where they once lived or died. Ghosts, shadow people, poltergeists, and demons are all around us, you may not see them with your eyes but they are around.

Haunted houses usually have a history that’s dark and frightening. These houses can be anywhere at any time. They are usually abandoned buildings turned into houses or just a regular house that was once lived in by someone evil or had something bad happen to them or even died there. A dark past like that is why ghosts go to haunted houses instead of just being ghosts in the cemetery.

Ghost stories usually start out with an old house being haunted by a deceased person. This can be the original owner or previous owners of the house. Sometimes the ghost is just a spirit that has been haunting the house for one reason or another. It can be just because it doesn’t know where else to go, or because it is angry. Whatever the reason may be, a ghost lives in a haunted house for various reasons.

Haunted houses are usually homes that have been abandoned or homes that have been lived in by someone evil. They usually have something dark and sinister about them like a presence of bad energy. Once you step into such a house you might feel uncomfortable or scared when you can sense its evilness lurking in every corner of the house. It might make your skin crawl if you talk about it too much with your friends or family. You might be scared because you believe in ghosts and spirits or because you don’t. It’s like the saying goes, “The truth is always scarier than fiction.” In haunted houses, this is very true. You can try to convince yourself that it isn’t true and that it really isn’t as scary as it seems. But deep down inside you know better and so do I.

Are ghosts bad or good? Ghosts can be good or bad. They can also be neutral or completely evil. If you know that the person who died was a mean and evil person, then it could be an evil ghost. Ghosts don’t exist in the sense that they have bodies but it’s more of an energy. They can roam around as a ghost for a long time. You would never notice them if you don’t look for them. A ghost is made up of a lot of soul, like a tiny but powerful pocket of energy that is incomplete without its body. A ghost has no physical form and can pass through walls, neither do you have to be near them to see them, they can appear anywhere and at any time while being invisible to people who are not used to seeing ghosts (such as the victim).

Ghosts are not as scary if you know how to protect yourself from them. Instead of being afraid of ghosts, you should just ignore them and they will probably disappear. If they do not disappear, then you should ask the ghost politely to leave or stop doing whatever it is that is bothering you. Ghosts are usually harmless unless you do not know how to make them go away.

If you are a skeptic or a nonbeliever, you should know that ghosts do exist. But if you believe in ghosts, then you shouldn’t be so shocked when one of them appears as it is quite common. Ghosts are all around us all the time and we never notice them because they only appear to people who can see them.

Ghosts can haunt you, but there is a way to get rid of them. If they haunt you, it’s because of something called unfinished business, but if you put that business to rest, the ghost will leave. The haunting is like a call from beyond asking for help and/or closure (the haunting knows that it needs to do something or find someone).

I believe ghosts exist because of things I have seen and heard myself. I have encountered several ghosts in my life. I think everyone has actually, you just may not have realized it was a ghost. In my experiences with ghosts, they seem to like to stick around areas where they were popular when they were alive or where big things happened to them in their lives. My best ghost experience happened when I and two friends went on a bus trip across many states, we slept in a haunted house one night and that is where all the weird stuff started happening.

In conclusion, ghosts real or not are a fascinating topic of discussion. Although people cannot agree on if they are real or not, everyone has a different experience with them. I think ghosts do exist because of the things I have seen and heard myself. Ghosts do exist! In my opinion, ghosts come back to resolve something unfinished in this life. Also, it brings peace and comfort to the spirit who is here on earth, plus helps them to find closure from their death. Yes, there is science that says they don’t exist but I know for a fact that they do! It will take science time to catch up, until then good evening.


  • Sometimes, the spirit of a departed human being will continue to haunt his or her former home for many years after death. This is common in cultures such as the Irish and Japanese where spirits live with their families forever, this is not quite uncommon in Europe where many spirits continue to haunt the house of their descendant.

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