My name is Jimbo and I love the paranormal. I don’t know how you feel about ghosts, whoopie cushions, and outer space but I find them all fascinating. Who doesn’t want to learn more about UFOs I have been a paranormal fanatic since childhood! I first became interested in ghosts when I was about 10 years old and saw the movie “Ghostbusters” in the theater. I was amazed to find out that even though it was just a movie, that there were actual ghostbusters.

I have never been personally attacked by a ghost or alien or poltergeist but I do enjoy reading about them and watching TV shows about this stuff. I have always been interested in what is going on behind closed doors in other people’s houses, especially when it comes to the strange noises you can hear late at night.

My favorite topics in this field are ghosts, aliens, and ghost-hunters–spooky stuff that always leaves me feeling amused or scared (in a good way). I am especially interested in haunted houses and the people who decide to live in them. I have a new favorite show, “Paranormal State”, about Ed and Lorraine Warren who investigate haunted houses. Their adorable little daughter is also featured on camera and she’s pretty cute, but I wonder how old she is now? She would be like 16 or 17 by now! When I was a kid, my favorite paranormal TV show was “The X-Files”–I had all the VHS tapes of that show!

I like aliens (they are my favorite) because they are so far away from Earth it seems unlikely that we will ever meet them (unless they want to visit us). I want to help you learn about all of these things. I’m here to tell you my experiences, theories on UFOs and ghosts, and even offer resources for becoming even more educated in the paranormal. Have a question? Feel free to ask me anything! I hope you find this blog enjoyable and super helpful. Happy reading!

My goal is to separate fact-based information from the fiction of the mainstream media and get you educated in all this stuff without wasting your time and money. I’m not selling anything; this is just an effort to help others learn about the paranormal and share my knowledge!

Hello, I can be contacted anytime by the comments section or by email. I always reply to messages as quickly as possible. All info stated here comes from my own experiences and research. I find it exciting to connect with people who feel the same way about all this as I do! The most common types of paranormal phenomena are related to ghost sightings, UFO encounters, and spooky things that go bump in the night. Adding to these top 3 categories are out-of-body experiences, psychic abilities, and haunted places. These 5 topics touch on a wide range of oddities related to the so-called supernatural—they always keep me on the edge of my seat! It’s hard not to get excited about these strange mysteries.

Policy Statement: I don’t believe information should be hidden from the public, so I will not withhold any information from you. If a source is given to me and I receive permission to use it, you will have access to it. My goal is for everyone to learn about this stuff so we can all enjoy the mystery together!

If you have any blogging queries, suggestions, comments, or just want to say hi, please email me at the following address.