Automatic Writing

What is automatic writing? What is this practice in which a person’s hand moves across a piece of paper and the writer’s thoughts are transcribed? Automatic writing is largely associated with spiritualism and occultism. The diviner may use automatic writing while in trance to receive messages from the Higher Self or spirit guides. Another practitioner might channel spirits through her hand while practicing auto-writing. There are many different forms of automatic writing, including freeform, automatic drawing, and scrying. Automated handwriting has been shown to be more expressive than traditional handwriting.

A History of Automatic Writing The term “automatic writing” can be traced back to the 1800s when the concept was popularized by a French psychical researcher named Hippolyte-Léon Denizard Rivail, who used the pseudonym, Allan Kardec. He reported that automatic writing allowed spirits to communicate with him, and he argued that it could be used to predict events or aid in healing. A few years after making this claim, he published a book called The Spirits’ Book in which he described his discovery and its purposes. In The Spirits’ Book, Kardec discusses how automatic writing is a way for spirits to communicate with humans without using any physical body or voice.

Automatic WritingThe idea of using a pen in order to get answers from the beyond via waking trance or sleep has been around for several centuries. The Church condemned the practice as demonic and created a list of “sins of the pen”. However, similar practices can be found in other cultures like Tibet where monks use similar objects. Through various re-interpretations of how it is practiced, automatic writing has become more accepted over the years and today is quite common in many forms. It doesn’t always involve scrawling on paper, either; a person’s hand may move back and forth across a blank surface without making any true marks

Just like anyone else who practices it, a person’s hand can move across a page involuntarily during an act of auto-writing without conscious control by the mind over the process at all times., Some auto-writers claim their hand has been guided to move in such a way that the words and images they produce are of a spiritual nature that they cannot explain.

Others claim automatic writing is entirely unconscious and done in a trance. In either case, for many years, automatic writing was thought to be the product of “the subconscious mind,” or “the Collective Unconscious.” The idea of the subconscious lies at the very heart of what is understood by psychical research (or parapsychology). Psychical research began as an attempt to help find ways to duplicate results described by spiritualists who claimed they could see into another dimension.

Whatever may be the case, scientists have found that the unconscious mind is more than capable of creating amazing works of art. Artists are well aware of this and some use priming (or suggestion) as a way to trigger their artistic imagination. The unconscious mind is capable of acts that defy logic and reason. It can see patterns in seemingly random information; read hidden information from sealed envelopes; even find solutions to complex problems through mathematical calculations. And more importantly, it can have direct communication with other “consciousnesses.”

Automatic writing is a form of channeling where the spirit or entity doing the writing is not known prior to starting and revealed only at the end. Automatic writing has been around for thousands of years as a popular spiritual practice. The purpose is to channel an outside source in order to release the knowledge, wisdom, and experience from that entity.

Today, in the 21st century, automatic writing is often associated with New Age spirituality. New Age spirituality is a spiritual movement that developed during the late 20th century. It includes mystical practices, such as yoga and meditation. New Agers have been known to place more emphasis on intuition than on rational thought. In particular, New Agers focus on extrasensory perception (ESP) and psychic powers as a part of their spiritual practice. Women may have more knowledge of the self and its power in general than men do.

Many people who study automatic writing believe that it is real, but some scientists disagree with this view. Scientists claim there is no evidence that can prove or disprove it being real. Most scientists agree there is no explanation based on the current understanding of science as to how an unconscious person could write a message on a piece of paper.

Telepathy is a form of ESP through which thoughts are transferred from one person to another by means other than the five senses or mechanical/electrical devices. Automatic writing is a method used in telepathy by which the spirit of a person consciously leaves his body and allows another person to write with his hand. Psychokinesis is another type of ESP that refers to an ability to mentally move physical objects that have mass.

Current practitioners of automatic writing use it to gain wisdom and insight; to solve problems, or make decisions, and to do various types of creative writing. Some people write automatically several times a day. Others do it only once, or on rare occasions. Individuals who practice automatic writing say the best time for them to do it is in the morning when they wake up. They say that’s when you are at your lowest, so you can tap into the subconscious mind and find out exactly what you need for the day ahead.

Some people feel a surge of energy and a sense of well-being when they practice automatic writing. Others experience an eerie feeling. Those with artistic talent get a rush from it, while the science buffs get some extra information about their research subjects. The proponents of automatic writing claim that it’s the most direct and least censored way to communicate with your subconscious mind. Most people agree on this point: it is hard to argue with results.

Some writers simply use automatic writing to compose poetry or songs, but others use it as a type of divination tool, or tarot card reader. Some people use automatic writing to gain insight into medical or financial problems or to achieve greater psychic awareness regarding their past lives.

Automatic writing is communication with an “inner voice”, as it were, which can be a source of information and insight for any writer who feels blocked or uninspired or simply needs some inspiration on how to proceed (or if they need to know something). No matter what you call it, automatic writing is basically a more direct way of communicating with your subconscious mind. The results can be incredible, and the possibilities are endless.

  • Automatic writing attempts to harness the power of intent by using the subconscious mind in order to produce messages from beyond that match what we desire or hope for.
  • For many people, automatic writing is considered to be a gift of the Holy Spirit, modern mediumistic and spiritualistic communication, or even an aspect of the unconscious mind.
  • In the past, some people have used automatic writing to channel messages from God or other spiritual entities that might help them solve problems or gain insight into their lives. Another example would be the use of writing to help deal with one’s own inner pain and trauma.

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