How To Make A Spirit Board

A Ouija board can be a great object to enjoy with others in a social setting for fun but it can also be used as a tool to connect with the afterlife. It is popular if used with others and is often used at parties and gatherings in a way that can be exciting and can also be thrilling. In this article we will take a look at the best ways in which to build your own Ouija board, so that you can then use it with other individuals for enjoyment or for more paranormal exercises.

A Ouija board is seen as a tool that can be used to communicate with the afterlife. They have appeared in modern culture for several hundred years since they were first used in Idaho in the 1880s. Whether these boards can actually be used to contact the afterlife is often debated and it is an interesting idea. But how would you go about building your own Ouija board? Below is a step by step look at the best way to do so by looking at the type of design that you could use that will help you in your quest to contact the afterlife.

The top surface of the Ouija board often contains a set of numbers, the alphabet and a series of words that can be used to communicate with the afterlife or any ghosts that may be located in the area. It may also include imagery such as suns and moons and other symbols that can be used as a way of communicating. In order to get these designs on the board you will need a stencil and this will need to be carefully transferred before using paint to cover the surface and create the imagery and text.

The materials involved in the construction of a Ouija board include the material that is used for creating the design for the board itself. For this you will need some parchment paper and some carbon paper. The parchment paper is used to create the design that you wish to put on the Ouija board. If you are doing letters and numbers then you may want to style it with an old English font. These can be easily found on the Internet and some of them are simple and will be effective on your board, giving it a stylized look. Firstly, stick down the parchment paper over the wooden board with masking tape so that sticks to the back of the board and allows you to write on the front. Make sure the waxy side is facing down so that you can draw effectively and accurately on the other side. Get your design laid out and put the letters and numbers in an arrangement that you are happy with. You can also add symbols such as sons and means if you so wish.

The next step is to take the board itself, and paint this with a stain so as to give the board a stylised look. This works best if you paint in the direction of the grain on the board. Once you have done this and you have let it dry you can then place over the carbon paper and stick this down with masking tape so that it does not move around. Then place your parchment paper over the top and begin tracing your design.

Once you have traced the design across you can now use some good quality acrylic paint of your choice to paint over the design created by tracing across with the carbon paper. It’s a good idea to practise with your brush so that you get used to the quality of the brush stroke. Once you are feeling confident you can then begin painting your design. You may also wish to use a wet cloth to Wipe away any mistakes.

Your design should effectively transfer across and create a crisp image on your board. The paint will take about an hour or 2 to dry and once this has happened you can then begin using it to contact the spirit world. This board should last for many years if kept in a good condition and will provide hours of fun for you, your family and your friends.

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